How I Got the Shot – FujiLove Magazine Maple Leaf

By Lane Erickson

Like most landscape photographers I love to go out and take photographs in the fall. Maybe its the crisp morning air, or the fog in a valley turning a golden cream from the first rays of the sun? Or it could be the smell of wood burning stoves blazing again for the first time, or the sound of walking on crispy leaves on the ground? Or it could be the rainbow of saturated colors in the leaves and foliage? It could also be the wildlife that seem to sense the same changes of the seasons. To me, the Fall season is all of these things and more. It is a magical time that I love every year, particularly because I am a photographer.

Sometimes I want to capture a grand, sweeping image with an entire forest of trees illustrating the changes that occur in the Fall season. These kinds of images allow the viewer to explore the entire scene and focus on what they are interested in.

At other times I find that it’s not about the big picture. Rather, a single element can often provide just as powerful an image about the Fall season as creating an image of an entire forest. By selecting and creating a photograph focussing on a single object you can use contrasting colors, or a shallow depth of field to control where the viewer looks.

And that is the focus of today’s How I Got the Shot article. In December 2018 I had an article published in FujiLove Magazine about Fall Photography with the Fuji X System. One of the images of a single red Maple leaf on a dark rock made it into the article. It also made it onto the home page of FujiLove Magazine.

Here is the home page of FujiLove Magazine:

My image of the single red maple leaf is at the top of the printed magazine page. It is a small image but I am still thrilled when I go to the FujiLove website and see my image there. 

Here is how the image actually looked in the article I wrote when it was published in the December 2018 issue of Fujilove Magazine:

So now to the focus of this article, or How I Got the Shot. I created the image during a lunchtime walk on an overcast Monday afternoon in October. I used the Fuji X-M1 camera and the fantastic Fujifilm XF60mmF2.4 R Macro lens.  The exposure was: ISO 400, 1/125 at f/2.8.  

The overcast light was soft but provided a saturated look.  I set the camera to the Velvia setting and shot in jpeg mode. I know, I know. Everyone will be telling me that I should use raw but I just love the look of the Velvia jpeg setting which makes my post so much easier! Don’t judge me, just look at the photo (ha, ha). 

I only had about 40 minutes during my lunch break so I went to a park about a mile from where I work. The place was deserted because it was a little cold, but I didn’t mind. I actually didn’t think much of the photo when I took it. But when I got back home later that night I loved the image. It is simple, but powerful because of the color and the dark background. Also, the Fujifilm macro lens is razor sharp producing a fantastic image. Here is the original photo:

That’s how I got the shot!  I’d love to hear any questions, comments, critiques or suggestions you have.  


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